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In Fruits Basket, do you think the curse applies if they get married? (the hugging deal).?

I was thinking, that if a member of the Zodiac got married, the curse that if they hug the opposite sex, they turn into their animal would still apply. Please tell me your opinions!

In Fruits Basket, do you think the curse applies if they get married? (the hugging deal).?
i think it would still count b/c marraige or no marraige the other person is stil of the opposite sex
Reply:Yes it still counts. Although it'll be pretty hard to explain why Kyo's grandfather was also the cat and was able to procreate???
Reply:yes because i dont think getting married would break the curse
Reply:yes because even though they're married, they still are different genders, so therefore the curse will still account on married couples.

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In fruits basket in vol.6, how can kyo transform back to human form from beast form?

happy new years first of all =]]]]

ive read many of manga and the final few volumes, but there are still mysteries O_O

in vol.6 in manga, and in episode 25, kyo transforms into his beast (true) form, but then after tohru's soothing words (X]awww), he somehow transforms back to human form.. why is that??

and how can there be so many sohmas, and how can they be sohma and not know the secret?? (as for instance, kana didnt know about the secret when she met hatori?)

and lastly, how do these members of sohmas get their zodiac spirit?? is it randomly picked or herited?? if it is herited, how can there be families of sohmas who dont know the secret? or only the "god" in sohma family inherit their roles?

oh. and now really serious, but *chuckles* why is akito so twisted.. :[

arigato gozahimasssss for any help! XD

In fruits basket in vol.6, how can kyo transform back to human form from beast form?
1. i think that tohru's words had that much power over him. if you remember, she was the one person that kyo wanted not to see his form.... so when she accepted him i think, in a way, she "saved" him, casuing him to transform back.

also, you know how if their bodies are under alot of pressure, are embarassed, weak, etc... they turn into the zodiac form? well, i think her words lifted the weight off of his shoulders and he was so relieved he changed back ^^ (=])

2 .because kana was from the outside. the sohma family is just a huge family. if they were to let everyone know about the curse i doubt that it would have been kept a secret, so thats why i think that the outside and inside thing was created (Well, part of it). i mean, look at momiji and kyo and all that!! their own familied cant handle the secret!! its the best way....

3. it is randomly inherited. when one dies the next baby to be born is born with it. only if one member dies, and you can only inherit the spirit if you have not yet been born. (if you are like 5 you wont get it ^^) this might be later on for you, but when hiro's mom was having a child i think it was momiji who said something like "well, all of us are alive [it wont be a zodiac baby(lol)] so it wont make hiro's mama sad."-- so its just born into a baby randomly. well, i think so anyway. also, of you look at momoiji's mom, she never saw it coming... so yeah.

--if they have a cursed baby then that is the only way they can learn of the secret. if they dont, they will never know ^^ well, if they mfind out hatori would take care of them.... lol!!

4. as for akito... youll have to keep reading to find out!! no spoilers there =p thats one thing that you want to keep a suprise!!! but.... in akito's case... the way his past was.... i would have been the same.... =] but i will give you one clue: akito is a girl =]

i hope this helps!!
Reply:i think..i remember that yuki said that kyo's beast form will only last for few minutes...after that he will return again to his normal form...(but im really not sUre...)

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For Fruits Basket (Furuba) Luvers!?

Did yuki see when kyo hugged tohru in the ending?

Do you think yuki is jealous of kyo being with tohru?

I Love This Anime!!!!

For Fruits Basket (Furuba) Luvers!?
...No, Yuki is not jealous. He may have been at first, but...if you read volume fourteen of the manga you'll know why. You'll have to

read the manga. Anyway, the manga is WAY better. If you dont want to actually buy the manga, you could read it for free at
Reply:yuuki is not jealous of kyo being with tohru, instead he will find someone else for himself in the manga.
Reply:At first he is jealous. But after a while no he isn't. I"m not going to spoil it. But read the magna, its 10000 times better than the anime.
Reply:Of Course Yuki is Jelous! Kyo and Tohru, I never saw it coming personally.

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Hey Fruits Basket help!! I need to know..?

I need to know the episode Kyo turn into his orginal form!!!!!! Please I must know!!!!

Hey Fruits Basket help!! I need to know..?
lol ^^ I have all the eps on my computer so let me check...okay i found it!!! XD

It starts on ep 24 when his shishou takes 'that' off ^^

And there are a total of 26 episodes in the anime...hope that helped!!! XD ^^
Reply:There are 26 episodes in a serie of Fruits Basket. So Julie (the first answerer) meant 23rd episode shows Kyo turn into his original form.

Sorry I don't watch Fruits Basket, but maybe I will.^^
Reply:It's episode 25 it think
Reply:ohhh yea that was a sad episode with alot of meaning oh yea... the episode was the third to the last...i am not good with #'s....hope this helps!!!

to watch all fruits basket episodes dubbbed go to

yea i know the name, but it is a good website!!!
Reply:at the end of the third to the last episode
Reply:Okay....spoiler time...

At the end of the last 5 minutes of ep 24, Kyo started to change. Viewers were only shown his eyes that was beginning to become cat-liked. The end.

Episode 25-viewers were finally shown Kyo's true cat form in full details. Oh by the way, there are only 26 episodes. A great and beautiful anime. Fruits Basket has enlightened me alot about life.

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In fruits basket... about Akito... (spoiler ahead, i think)?

i dunno, i was reading a fanfiction that referred to Akito as "she" not "he". can anyone tell me what the heck is going on, or what book it's explained in?

In fruits basket... about Akito... (spoiler ahead, i think)?
that's the reason why fruits basket does not have a second season..................................... the people had a mistake, and made akito a guy in the series..................................... he is supposed to be a girl then. shigure is supposed to like her but it was not in the series because of the stupid mistake!!!!!
Reply:The revealing of Akito's true gender is in chapter 97 of the Fruits basket manga, in book 17. Akito is in fact a girl, though this is never mentioned in the anime. The boks are not in the US, but Wikipedia gives GREAT results.
Reply:well,akito is a girl in manga.

in anime,he is a man/boy.

i have no idea why there's a BIG diferent (i mean akito)between manga and anime.
Reply:Yeah it's weird.

But he's a boy in anime.

In the manga... she's a girl.

Don't know why they did that either.

Reply:Akito's a girl. It's revealed in Ch. 97, book 17, which isn't out in the states, but you can order it online at or other places. And even if you can't read Japanese, you can pretty much tell what's going on by the pics.
Reply:well it the later mangas that are not yet released here in find out that Akito is actually a girl-suprising but true!!

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Download Fruits Basket In WMV format?

I only want it in wmv format because it's the only my computer can play right now. Please do not list these try here or youtube or search google. Just list the direct link and make sure it's in wmv 'cause I can't play avi or rm or torrent. Thank you.

Download Fruits Basket In WMV format?
Why would you want it in such a low format

just download Zoom Player and VLC Media player

and then watch any format you want.

link to Zoom Player

link to VLC Media player

Both player are free and work with most all file types

I prefer zoom player

Fruits Basket torrents can be found by searching
Reply:instead of downloading it u can just watch it on
Reply:well if you want you can covert your odd Chinese Zodiak, strange human transformation show into a WMV format here

Just in case you get stuck downloading some other format.


In fruits Basket? Do you think Shigore & Ayame are gay.?

My friend and I are fighting about it. I say they are not gay and he says they are. What do you think? He also thinks that every one except Kyo, Haru, and Hatori are gay. What do yo think?

In fruits Basket? Do you think Shigore %26amp; Ayame are gay.?
Actually, neither character is gay. They just act that way for comic relief, I suppose.

Ayame has a girlfriend, and Shigure is in love with someone. However, since the anime has major elements that are different from the manga (not to mention that the anime ended rather quickly), you should read the manga to find out.

I don't want to spoil anymore of it for you if you haven't read it yet. =D
Reply:Nope, I don't think so! I can see where you could think Ayame might be though...
Reply:They aren't gay, but Ayame sure dresses like he is. I think they just act that way for fun. I agree that it's weird, though.

If I didn't know better, I would agree that they are gay. Also, in the anime they make it seem like Haru is gay- that he's in love with Yuki. But he isn't.
Reply:They are not gay! I'm gonna do a spoiler here, so if u dont wanna kno, dont read.

Shigure is in love w/ Akito, who is really a girl.

Ayame is in love w/ Mine (his assistant)
Reply:they aren't gay .. they just act like that ...

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