Sunday, March 14, 2010

Does fruits basket has a movie or an ova?

Fruits Basket just has the 26-episode series, which ran in Japan in 2001 (so it isn't an OVA).

The manga is still being published in Japan and there are fans trying to get a second season produced but there hasn't been a movie.

Does fruits basket has a movie or an ova?
This could be one of the wierdest and most senseless questions ever asked in Yahoo!!

Reply:I am not sure bout that. But i know there are 26 episodes in total.
Reply:Damn fools not know'n what Fruits Basket is...I haven't heard of read anything about there being an ova produced for the series...we can all hope that maybe there is still enough interest in the manga back in japan to put our zodiac animal dudes back on screen. Let's prey to the anime gods together ok.
Reply:are you drunk? maybe high?


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